When a language is lost, an intimate understanding of life on Earth disappears forever.
A connection is broken that can never be repaired.

You Can Save a Language


What if you were the last speaker your language? What could you do and who could you turn to for help?

The historical fate of Native Peoples has been reluctantly acknowledged, yet the significance of Native language rescue and revival is still largely ignored.
 The Language Conservancy seeks to reverse the cycles of social and personal despair that result from language loss.

The Language Conservancy (TLC) supports the survival of endangered languages through grants for research and advocacy programs, and technical assistance to grassroots-level language preservation and education efforts.

The Language Conservancy also educates the public on the importance of language diversity and the social, scientific, and personal consequences of language loss, through public relations campaigns for its media and fundraising projects.

We are dedicated to rescuing the world’s endangered languages, restoring them to vital use, and safeguarding them for future generations.
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Rising Voices/ Hótȟaŋiŋpi

Rising Voices is a multi-platform documentary project that portrays the growing movement among tribes all over the country to revitalize their languages -- a movement for creative transformation by communities and individuals, which challenges the expectations put on them by outsiders and those put on young generations by the old. Rising Voices is The Language Conservancy's most ambitious media project to date.
Help support the film by visiting our donations website.
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  • This work is admirable and necessary.   We need your support. Janine-100
    Janine Pease, Board Member and leader in Crow language education.
  • This is the last chance for our languages.  I encourage you to support this work.johnsonholyrock-100
    Johnson Holy Rock (1918-2012), TLC Board Member and last greatest Lakota language speaker
  • kevin100   The work of TLC is a true blessing to our people.  They  provide critical resources and are helping in profound ways- affecting many generations to come.
    Kevin Locke, Board Member and Language Activist
  •   sacheen100TLC programs are AWESOME! This was a great way to learn my Native tongue.
    Sacheen Whitetail-Cross, Summer Institute participant