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  • Adopt a Nest


The language nest is an immersion-based approach to language revitalization which was originated as a part of the Māori language revival, when was coined as Kōhanga reo.

In a language nest, older speakers of the language take part in early childhood education with a view to improving intergenerational language transference.

The approach has had considerable success in revitalizing the Māori language in New Zealand. It has since been replicated in Hawaii, where the Hawaiian language equivalent, the Pūnana Leo, has also been successful in producing first-language speakers of Hawaiian.

In August 2009, the Australian government pledged to pilot language nests as part of its National Indigenous Languages Policy.

Langauge nests are growing in popularity in Indian Country, and two Congressional bills now under consideration would support Federal funding of these schools and more.

Still, these immersion preschools need financial help.  Supporting a language nest in your area can become your personal cause.