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Iktomi's Racoon Hat

Will have video with lightbox here Iktomi’s Raccoon Hat.

http://www.lakhota.org/html/comingto2013LSI.html  – Spring 2013 update from newsletter

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The Lakota Summer Institute the premier Lakota and Dakota language teacher professional development event in the country.  Since 2007, over 250 teachers from more than eight reservations and ten states have participated teachers representing the Rosebud, Cheyenne River, Standing Rock, and Pine Ridge Reservations, as well as Sioux Falls School, and Colorado and Minnesota schoolsStudents arrived from New Mexico, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Illinois, as well as from all across the Dakota. participants came from Texas, Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota and Chicago The  professional training experience provided by the Lakota Summer Institute has consistently exceeded all expectations and surpasses all previous training events in terms of depth of content.  The experience was intensely moving and even life-changing,They learned quickly why LSI is now known as a “boot camp” for Lakota language. Veteran participants re-connect with peers and friends from past Institutes, and new friendships take hold in a vibrant spirit of camaraderie – bound together by the experience of learning and speaking a common language.Teachers leave LSI feeling empowered with new knowledge, techniques and tools. These well-trained LSI teachers have a direct impact on the amount of Lakota and Dakota language successfully taught in the classroom and on improved test scores.

Most of our LSI students teach at schools in Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River-Eagle Butte, and Standing Rock. But this year we learned that Lakota language teachers are not just in the Northern Plains! Two new students came from the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Junior Garcia and Anpao Duta Flying Earth proved to be bright young teachers.

But the Summer Institute is not only for teachers.

Nor is LSI only for language teachers. Petra Reyna is a Standing Rock member who teaches biology at Standing Rock High School. After extensive university education, Petra returned to her hometown of Fort Yates with the intention to become a fluent Lakota speaker, and now she values learning alongside her children as they do their Lakota language homework
 the New Lakota Dictionary (which by the way received a bronze medal at the 13th Annual Independent Publishers Book Awards competition),  + Language Materials
2012 extraordinary for other reasons, recounted elsewhere in this newsletter: a visit from 25 Maori language activists, and the production and performance of a short play in Lakota, Iktomi’s Raccoon Hat.  A camera crew was also present during LSI’s last week, shooting footage for the documentary film now in production: Rising Voices/ Hótȟaŋiŋpi.