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Working to develop materials for language groups – Crow, Seminole, ANYONE ELSE?

As an example, look to our work with Lakota:

Lakota Systems:
School Outfit (100+ books) 
The greatest investment your school can make in the language is to allow each child to have their own copy of a textbook .   This setup allows students to use the textbook outside of Lakota class, while also giving them the option of taking the book home and sharing it with family members. Because the textbook becomes a reference for the family, it contributes immensely to bringing the language back into your community. Finally, the textbooks are sequenced and build on each other. Allowing students to have a Level 1 textbook gives them an indispensable resource for the Level 2 textbooks and beyond.
            Included in the School Outfit:
·   3-4 Day Staff In-service (max. 50)·   Full assessment package – Pretest, Posttest, Data analysis·   Full multimedia package -1 year unlimited Audio CD and computer program support with updates.·   4 Level 1 Flashcard Sets·   Unlimited technical and teaching support -includes computer setup, and instant teacher support response· Free Classroom alphabet strip
Department Outfit (50+ books) –
If your school just wants to outfit your Lakota studies department and to provide teachers with training, the Department Outfit is the best solution.   It provides enough classroom sets for 2 or more classrooms.   Books stay with the teacher.  
Included in the Department Outfit:
·   3-4 Day 3-Teacher In-service.·   Full multimedia package – 1 -year unlimited Audio CD and computer program support with updates.· 2 – Level 1 Flashcard Sets· Technical and teaching support -includes computer setup, and instant teacher support response
Classroom Outfit (25+ books) –
If your school is not ready to begin teaching Lakota school-wide or needs a pilot program, then the Classroom outfit is often the best match.    It provides enough books and materials for one average-sized classroom and training for one teacher.
Included in the Classroom Outfit:
·   3-4 Day 1-Teacher In-service.·   Limited multimedia package -Audio CD with updates.
Lakota Text Reviews
The LLC Level 1 textbook has been greeted with enormous enthusiasm and approval.   Lakota speakers, teachers, and young people are tremendously excited about the textbook and related products. Many feel for the first time, a sense of genuine hope that a book like this may help save the language.   The illustrations, cultural appropriateness, and pedagogical content have inspired, by and large, everyone that has examined it.    Below is a small sample of the rave reviews:
This is the best teaching material I have seen in my 30 years of teaching Lakota.
– Kayo Bad Heart Bull , Lakota teacher at Loneman School, Oglala
It is a beautiful book visually, encourages oral teaching and learning, and is organized wonderfully.   I really appreciate the knowledge, skill and wisdom with which this book was put together.
– Prof. Leanne Hinton, University of California, Berkeley

On the training concerning the textbook I learned more than I know from my long term (25 years) of teaching the Lakota language. I will use this in my class.

– Fred Stands, Lakota teacher at Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge


This orthography is great. With it I can finally see the sounds that I am supposed to say. 
– A 17-year-old Lakota student


– A 13-year-old Lakota student