Lakota Dictionary On Your Phone

Last November, the Lakota language rocketed into the 21st Century with no looking back: a free web app to connect a smart phone user with the New Lakota Dictionary-Online was introduced at the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Language Summit in Rapid City, SD the weekend of November 15-16.

The NLD Mobile Dictionary web app was developed and published by the Lakota Language Consortium, publishers of the New Lakota Dictionary and the New Lakota Dictionary-Online web site and learning forum.  The NLD Mobile Dictionary web app has been optimized for mobile users, making it faster and more responsive than any other dictionary web connection for a smart phone.  It allows the user to connect directly to the NLD-O web site with an interface designed for mobile phone. Users can call up Lakota words and find translations and pronunciations.  This will allow language students to practice speaking anywhere, without feeling tied to a computer terminal or a big book.

Consortium staff at the Summit saw new users immediately texting friends and sharing the app.

If you want the app on your phone or iPad,  sign in for the free download. Don’t forget to bookmark it once you’ve downloaded!