Linguist List Moves to Indiana University

A vital resource for Linguists has a new home.

LINGUIST List, a portal for jobs, publishing and discussion among academic linguists, has become part of the Indiana University Department of Linguistics in Bloomington, IN.  Moderator Damir Cavar brought it with him from Eastern Michigan University as he landed at IU to teach Computational Linguistics and research endangered languages.

Damir Cavar, Director of LINGUIST List

Damir Cavar, Director of

LINGUIST List’s subscribing users post content themselves, geared to academic subjects. “Every issue that LINGUIST posts is retained in a permanent online archive,” Cavar said.  “In addition, The LINGUIST List provides hosting and archival services to over 100 other linguistics-related mailing lists.” Cavar reviews and often edits posts, weeds out the gossip and political calls to action, and has content up within 48 hours.

LINGUIST List announces new Linguistic programs around the world, and maintains a searchable database on existing programs.

LINGUST List has had a far-flung series of homes, following its moderators from universities in Western Australia to Texas to Michigan – and now to Indiana.  Cavar became Moderator and Director in 2013 when he taught at Eastern Michigan University. Malgorzata Cavar is co-Moderator with Damir, and is also on the Linguistics faculty at IU.

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