Crow Opens Up Level 1 Language Textbook

The Crow language has started its K-12 sequence of language instruction textbooks, with Bíiluukaalilaah! Speak Crow! Level 1.

Bi’iluukaalilaah! - Speak Crow! Level 1 Crow Textbook-1

The book and its flashcard set have been shipped to 9 Crow schools, to reach 12 teachers and 1,400 school children in its first year.  Crow language teachers have been training in Total Physical Response methods for the textbook lessons since 2013.

The Level 1 Audio CD is being completed now, and will be ready for shipping in the next 3 months. The CD goes through the Level 1 lessons in clear, correct spoken Crow, both male and female voices.

TLC is proud to partner with the Crow Nation of Crow Agency, Montana to produce these materials, help coordinate teacher trainings, and set up learning assessment testing programs.  The public can now order the Bíiluukaalilaah! Speak Crow! Level 1 book and flashcards at the Language Conservancy online store.   Pre-orders for the Audio CD can be made at the same site.


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