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We’ve looked back on this year and told you about some of the outstanding community members that TLC works with. Now, we’d like to look back at some of the great apps that we couldn’t have made without the passion and drive of those individuals – from keyboards to dictionaries to vocab apps! We’ve put them all in one handy list for you, starting with the newest.

Final Arikara Vocab Builder-01

Arikara Vocab Builder – available for Android and iOS.

Learn Arikara vocabulary the fun way – with the FREE Arikara Vocab Builder! Whether you are learning on your own, or taking a beginner’s Arikara class, Arikara Vocab Builder will help build your confidence in using new Arikara wordsRead more

Hidatsa Vocab Builder – available for Android and iOS.Final Hidatsa Vocab Builder-01

Supplementary to the Hidatsa Level 1 and Level 2 textbooks, we recommend using the Hidatsa Vocab Builder!  Like the Arikara Vocab Builder, this FREE app allows you to quiz yourself on vocabulary for a variety of categories...Read more


MHA Keyboards – Mobile – available for Android and iOS.

The Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Keyboards – Mobile are FREE apps that let you type in your MHA language into any text area…Read more



And, of course, we can’t forget these great apps from our sister organization – Lakota Language Consortium:



Lakota Vocab Builder – available for Android and iOS.

Play your way to better Lakota vocabulary skills! Each word you match correctly increases your score, and each level you finish unlocks a new one! We promise hours of fun with this one…Read More

Lakota Keyboard - Mobile store iconLakota Keyboard – Mobile – available for Android and iOS.

With the FREE Lakota Keyboard – Mobile installed you can switch between Lakota and English as you type emails, texts, web content, and any other text-input field!…Read More

NLD-M Icon final

New Lakota Dictionary – Mobile – available for Android and iOS.

A talking Lakota dictionary in your pocket? Yes please! With more than 27,000 words, example sentences, and male/female audio pronunciation, you’ll be all set to learn Lakota!…Read More

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be working hard to bring you vocab apps for Crow and Mandan. Stay tuned, treat yourself to a language-learning app this holiday season, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!