Fun Ways to Celebrate International Mother Language Day!

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International Mother Language Day is a great opportunity to try something new! Here are some suggestions to get involved in a world-wide celebration to promote your language:

Throughout the day, tweet using your mother language. Please share ‘why is it important to use your language on the internet?’ or tweet greetings or your favorite words/phrases in your language. You might also choose to tweet a translation in order to encourage speakers of other indigenous and minority language communities.

Check this page out for more information:

  • Write a poem in/about your mother tongue. Here’s an example from Sujata Bhatt – a poem about the Gujarati language called “Search for My Tongue”:

You ask me what I mean

By saying I have lost my tongues.

I ask you, what would you do

If you had two tongues in your mouth,

And lost the first one, the mother tongue,

And could not really know the other,

The foreign tongue.

         Listen to the full poem here

  • Learn a new word in an endangered language.

  • Teach someone a new word and practice speaking it with them.

  • Ask a speaker to help you with pronunciation or understanding of a word or phrase.

  • Text someone in your language.

  • Write a story in your language.

  • Attend or organize an IMLD celebration in YOUR area! (See next question for more info)