2014 News

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Indigenous Flute Project Teaches Both Language and Music

Lakota dancer and song-carrier Kevin Locke has long hoped to promote the traditional sound of the Lakota flute as he learned it rather than the commercialized sound that became popular in the 1980s.  Last year Kevin met Richard Dubé, a Canadian flute-maker and respected music educator working with at-risk children in Canadian urban schools.  Locke
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Native Speakers Meet the Linguists

The 33rd Annual Siouan-Caddoan Languages Conference met at Sitting Bull College in Fort Yates, ND, on June 13-15, concurrent with the Lakota Summer Institute. This annual conference of linguistic scholars, teachers and students – specializing in Native American and Canadian languages such as Lakota-Dakota, Crow, Hidatsa and Mandan – mov
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Sign-Language Course

Crow, Lakota and other Plains tribes have long shared a common sign language that allowed trade and culture to be shared peacefully across the Great Plains.  Dr. Lanny Real Bird (Hidatsa Crow) taught “Lakota-Plains Indian Sign Language” at the Lakota Summer Institute.  This week-long class was filled with adults, elders and children, who learned ne
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Crow Nation Has Its Level 1 Textbook

The Crow Nation of Montana has begun a new phase of its language revitalization effort, with the publication of the Level 1 Biiluukaalilaah! Speak Crow! textbook, in partnership with the Language Conservancy.  This is the first of a projected K-12 sequenced curriculum inthe Apsáalooke (Crow) language, and will be available to individual learners as
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