Fieldwork and Data Processing Internship in the Linguistics Department

Posted August 2018 | Apply Now

Our awesome Summer 2017 intern team had a great time working on the historic Keres Language Project

We are seeking to fill multiple internship positions for processing large amounts of fieldwork audio and text data collected working with the Acoma Keres, Crow, Apache, Ute, HoChunk, and Lakota languages.

Data was collected by excellent teams of linguists you will be working under. The goal of these projects is to create extensive dictionaries, language learning textbooks, apps, and other media projects with consistent practical orthographies.

Work will entail cutting and labeling audio, data entry from handwritten notes, and additional tasks relating to analysis and organization of the data. You will work with our expert textbook and app development team and get the chance to consult with other education and language experts as well as Native American consultants to help steer all projects to be culturally relevant and highly valuable to the learner communities.

Experience using Praat, Audacity, Google Sheets, Excel, LanguageForge, and SIL Fieldworks are all a plus.

Part-time positions available now
Location: Bloomington, IN (our main office)

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